Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Easter

We may have confused the Easter Bunny (along with the tooth fairy) by moving to California. They don't seem to have gotten our forwarding address.

But, we did have an egg coloring kit in the house and just before sunset, this past Easter, Cam broke it out and set it up for Sam and Timila.

I was making spinach artichoke dip and boiling eggs.

The in-
structions called for plastic bags to be used to keep the coloring from getting on their hands but the kids found that that technique also made it difficult to get the coloring to stay on the eggs. In the end, they just used their hands.

We hid eggs from Sam once before it got dark. As the sun dis-
appeared, he reminded us that half of the fun is hiding the eggs and watching other people look for them. It was getting late and we'd already eaten several of the eggs.

Cam suggested that the next time we celebrate, perhaps for his birthday in late April, we'd find something for Sam to hide.

How was your Easter? Go to this Flickr set for more photos of ours.

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The Arbuckle Family said...

Happy Easter friend!