Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Remembering Lacey

Yesterday, I received word from my childhood best friend, Lori Burch, that one of our class-
mates, Lacey Delmont, died tragically, in a car crash, leaving a very devoted husband and two young girls behind.

Lori, far left, said that she and Lacey still saw each other about once a week and would often talk about the fun we had a slumber parties. I remember Lacey, quite fondly and remember having fun slumber parties but somehow didn't remember this one.

But there she is, the blond angel in the front of the picture my mom found. Lacey is the third girl from the left. (I'm in the back of the picture, with the braids, the fourth girl from the left. This must by my 11th birthday.)

I remember Lacey as a warm, kind, loving, lovely person. I always wished we were closer but, for the most part, we seemed to be in different groups of friends. I'm so sorry to hear she is no longer with us and for her family's loss.

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