Sunday, March 23, 2008

She loves her grandson.

My mom came for a visit last week. My dad had plans to be off doing some consulting. She considered going along with him but said it was going to cost about $1000 so, she decided to come see us instead.

Cam picked her up at the airport to help carry a giant snowboard she'd won and brought to give to Sam.

I was working during much of her visit but she rode the ferry to the city with me one day to experience my commute and see my office. Then we had lunch together by the bay.

That night, she and Sam had some hang out time while Cam and I had a date in the city.

We sang songs from Across the Universe, showed her some Eddie Izzard sketches and watched most of the first Lord of the Rings, which she thought she hadn't ever seen.

She and Sam played Khet and Talisman. Here she is with a "meanie card" about to turn him into a Toad.

We picked out some new plants to fill a few empty pots and patches. The patio looks even better now.

Thanks for caring so much and for coming to spend time with us, Mom. We love you.

Check out this Flickr set for more photos of Sam and Granny.

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