Sunday, March 09, 2008

We skied.

Cam already wrote about our ski trip. So did Sam. But I wanted to blog about it too.

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up before 4am to drive to Oakland to catch a bus that would take us to Lake Tahoe to ski. The seats on the bus recline and you are supposed to be able to sleep on the bus but I like the early morning time and had a lot of adrenaline pumping. I just chilled out, listening to music and watching the sunrise. They fed us a spot of breakfast and then we were there.

The really nice guy who helped me shove snow boots onto my feet said I wanted them to be tight but they hurt my feet as I hobbled around. While skiing, I was distracted enough that my feet didn't bother me but when Cam helped me pull them off at the end of the day, I felt like my feet had been bound. They were so asleep, I couldn't move them for a few minutes. Next time, I'll shoot for boots that are tight but don't cut off my circulation.

After a bit, I started to remember how to ski enough to enjoy going down the small hill a bunch of times. I did fall, more than once, but all-in-all, it was a good reintroduction to skiing.

Ariel had work in the area that paid enough to fund a mini-
vacation. It was great to have time with her.

She left us to our lessons and headed off to snowboard solo.

Cam had never skied before. I am proud of the way he got the hang of it so quickly and am thrilled he enjoyed it so much.

Sam wanted to try snowboarding. We signed him up for lessons and were happy that his friend, Leo was able to come along too. They kept each other entertained and laughing throughout the 19 hour day.

Go here for my Flickr set of us skiing.

We're excited to try again.

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