Saturday, March 29, 2008

Return to Salt Point.

For the first part of the the Academy of Art's spring break, Cam considered going off camping alone some-
where like Wildcat Camp or Salt Point but the weather didn't cooperate. He decided to sleep at home and take some day excursions but by the end of his break, he was ready to go.

The weather looked a little cool but much better. On our way to Salt Point, we decided to consider camping by the ocean again if the wind wasn't too bad. We got there, found a lovely campsite, set up and headed out exploring.

We climbed down among the rocks and communed with the sea. We climbed up and down and over the rocks to see what we could see. We sometimes wore hats or hoods but weathered the wind, mostly.

That afternoon, when we returned to our campsite, the light was waning and the wind was picking up. It was chilly. Sam and I ended up reading in the tents, which were quite comfortable - except that they were each on a bit of an incline. We've learned the hard way that sleeping on a slant is no fun.

So when Cam said he felt he'd already gotten his money's worth and was happy to pack up and head for home, Sam and I agreed.

We enjoyed the warmth of the campfire then both crashed on the drive home. Cam did all the planning and preparation. He got us there. He got us back and kept us singing along the way with the road trip CDs he complied of some of our favorite songs.

Our lives are much more full and enjoyable because of Cam's presence in them. Go to this Flickr set for more photos of our return to Salt Point.

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Cameron said...

Awww shucks. Thanks for being such wonderful explorers. You guys are wonderful.

Love you.