Thursday, April 03, 2008

Flowers, snails and cat tails.

Recently, Cam taught me how to us the macro button on his camera to create unique photos of tiny things close-up.

I've enjoyed taking photos of flowers.

Check out this Flickr set for more photos taken w/the macro button.

He has taken some fascinating ones like this one of a snail he saw at the bus stop on his way to work one day.

This one didn't require the macro button but I like the shots he took of our neighborhood cat, Boots. As our cats are black and white too, when they see them, people sometimes think they've seen them near their home.

Boots is a wanderer and our neighborhood is his domain. When he sees you, he will greet you with a loud, Mr-ow and often will flop on his back, asking you to pet his belly. When he's had enough, Sam has explained that sometimes, he will scratch you to let you know. We don't know his owners but we know Boots.

He reminds me of the cat from Puss in Boots. Maybe that's where he got his name. Sam and I had fun reading the story together this morning. I remember hearing it as a child but I guess he'd never heard it before today.

Sam likes the threat, "Or you will be chopped up like mincemeat."

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Heather Arbuckle said...

Those are amazing have always had such a gift for photography and an eye for simple beauty. Thanks for sharing. :) Love ya tons.