Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank you, Dr. Al-Mefty

Dear Dr. Al-Mefty, I can't thank you enough.

Before my dad's surgery, I didn't feel like raving about the man who was going to operate on him. I had heard he was a world-renowned expert and had been involved in developing the procedure.

All that sounded pretty good but what if something went wrong?

It didn't.

He successfully performed a procedure beyond my comprehension and my dad is getting better every day.

I feel like singing his praises now.

Dr. Al-Mefty, I don't yet have words to adequately express my appreciation. So, for now, I will just say thank you.

Only within the past few years have patients with extensive lesions and tumors of the brain and cranial base had the opportunity of having these growths surgically removed. In this decade, many of these skull base lesions and tumors were still considered completely inoperable.

With advances in diagnostic imaging tools, breakthroughs in anesthesiology, and refined surgical techniques, today these patients and their families have hope where once there was only the dark prospect of lingering illness and death.

In 1993, a new program was established within the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, the Center for Skull Base Surgery was formed. Under the direction of world-renowned neurosurgeon Ossama Al-Mefty, M.D., the Center for Skull Base Surgery is a resource for the people of Arkansas and has drawn patients regionally, nationally and internationally.

The UAMS Center for Skull Base Surgery uses a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate, treat and care for patients who have skull base lesions. The goal of the Center is to combine contemporary medical and surgical techniques with compassionate care for patients.



Deanna Tinnin said...


I was reading your blog in regards to your father and Dr. Al - Mefty. I am wondering how your father is doing? My mom is having the same surgery this week. Could you please share any comments around the surgery and the recovery time? Thank you so much.


Bill and Marilyn said...


Recovery for me has been amazing. Just 25 hours out of surgery and they kicked me out of the hospital. Wanted me to stay in town for the weekend and then on Monday released me to go home.

Upon awaking from surgery I had no pain, my vision was no longer blurred and the numbness on my right side was gone.

The most uncomfortable part of the whole thing was removing the packing they put in to ensure no bran fluid leaked out. Not painful just not comfortable.

Now almost six weeks later, I use OTC medications for headaches and have recovered 75% of my strength and stamina.

A new lease on life. The tumor removed, no cancer and the headaches lessen every day.

Hope things go as well for your Mom.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Al-Mefty performed surgery on me in 1995 when I was a 32 mother of a 1 and 5 year old. He was such a blessing to my family and me as he successfully removed an epidermoid tumor on my brain stem. Thanks to Dr. Al-Mefty and the grace of God, I am alive and well to see my 5 year old become a high school graduate this year and watch my baby get ready to start high school. This man is such an incredible doctor. Ihave referred several patients to him over the years. I am glad you guys were led to Litlle Rock!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Almefty performed surgery on me about 4 months ago. I am 26 years old and had a benign brain tumor on my 4th cranial nerve. This was my first surgery and reading the previous blogs really helped me. He is such an amazing doctor and so confident in what he does. If anyone ever has any further questions regarding the surgery or Dr. Almefty please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for the previous posts and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Al-Mefty is an amazing doctor. He has done things that no one else has even suggested. I'm heading back to Oklahoma today with a much different outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Al-Mefty.

Anonymous said...

I was a skull-base fellow under Dr. Al-Mefty over 15 years ago in Little Rock. Everything you see on this page is true. he is an amazing surgeon with a special gift. If you suffer from one of these terrible lesions, trust this man and trust God. You can not have anyone else in your corner who will give more of himself to help you.


podunkboy said...

I was just Googling to see what Dr. Al-Mefty had been up to and found your blog. (I see that he's stepped down as chair at UAMS)
My wife was referred down to him back in 1999, just days after having our second daughter. He wanted to do her surgery "right then", but ultimately we had to go back home for a month until she recovered from her C-section. When we went back, despite some mild post-op pneumonia, she was out in a week, and now 11 years later, she's totally tumor-free and enjoying watching our daughters grow up, which was really in doubt before Dr. Al-Mefty.
We thank him silently almost every day.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Al-Mefty performed a skull-base surgery on my mother, he's the most human doctor I've ever met, she arrived to the hospital unable to see straight, to walk or even eat by herself and a prognosis of 6 months of life before tumor invade brain stem, now she's driving, teaching and taking care of the home again. Trust this man, he's a blessed one for sure. There have been 7 years from now and everything looks great, I hope I have the chance to thank him on person. Ms. Gonzalez, from Mexico.