Friday, December 28, 2007

Tomales Point Beach

After hiking past elk to Tomales Point, Cam suggested we check out nearby McClure's beach.

We arrived happy and full of enthusiasm.

The afternoon sun lit things up beauti-

The sea foam was im-
pressive. There were many rocks to climb on.

This beach is said to be on of the best beaches for tide pooling and there were pools but they seemed empty of noticeable sea creatures.

I found the patterns, made in the sand, by the water as it receded, fascinating.

It seemed more like the sand was growing upward, like a tree or bush, than that it was being pulled out to sea.

Sam was up for a little sand and water inter-

Cam waited patiently.

I continued to poke along, taking my time, lagging behind.

When I got to the opening in the rocks, through which Cam and Sam has disappeared, Cam was on his way back through, coming for me.

The intensity of the wind increased dramatically through this opening.

I was glad I'd missed it but Cam said there was a peaceful, secluded beach on the other side.

So, I followed him back through the crevasse.

He was right.

It reminded me of the beach from Alex Garland's book. Not that it was similar in many ways, just in the idea that it was a secret beach.

I followed Sam up the rock.

And joined him on his throne.

Cam looked happy and handsome.

What a lovely backdrop.

After awhile, we bent our heads to the wind and returned to the main beach.

Cam showed us a spot where fresh water was running down into the sea.

He pointed out how the birds liked drinking the fresh water on the beach.

The climb back up to the parking area was steep but not as strenuous as it could have been.

We had fun capturing the light and the setting sun.

Happy with all we'd seen, we were ready to return home.

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