Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cold weather plants

Tiburon Garden Experi-
ments I, II, and III were successful. They taught me that I may have flowers on our back patio year-round, here in Northern California but that I should not expect the same plants to last the whole year.

Since the cyclamen and pansys did so well last year during the wet, cool, dark late fall and winter months, and because I love them, I decided to get them again this year.

I wasn't crazy about the cyclamen color selection but was captivated by this orange pansy. I decided to go with the maroon cyclamen accompaniment and try to pass the combination off as a tribute to LSU.

The white cyclamen were pretty alone and I thought the butterfly blue pansies comp-
lemented them nicely.

The gardenias my mom bought last summer are still hanging in there too.

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