Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tomales Point Elk Hike

After our stop at the Earthquake Trail, we drove, for the first time to the Tomales Bay point on Point Reyes.

One of the first things we came upon were clusters of these interesting trees.

Sam wanted to climb around on some that had fallen long ago.

Still fearless.

And handsome.

Around the bend, Sam and I spied this large hole.

We wondered what type of creature made it.

It was a gorgeous day.

Just a bit chilly but not too windy.

The sun really made things nice.

Because we were on a peninsula, the ocean was on one side.

And the bay was on the other.

We stopped to have a snack and rest a bit. Up on the ridge, we noticed a herd of elk.

As we were sitting there, some people who were coming back from the point told us about another herd ahead.

After some more hiking, we branched off from the trail to explore this little area.

Sam discovered a colony of rolly pollies living under a small rock on this big rock.

You can see Tomales point off in the distance, behind Sam.

It was a nice spot to take pictures.

Even though we hadn't seen the second elk herd, we decided we'd better turn around. We still had to hike all the way back.

Then, we nearly stumbled upon them.

Because of the slight downward slope of the land, we hadn't even seen them, basking in the sun, on a on our way out.

It was great that Cam thought to bring the binoculars.

The does are elegant and graceful but the bucks (or bulls?) are quite im-

What a beautiful, enjoyable day.

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