Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Earthquake Trail - Another perspective

After Thanksgiving but before Christmas, Sam, Cam and I headed out to explore the Tomales Bay point on Point Reyes.

Either our stomachs are getting stronger or our driving is getting better on the windy roads that lead out to the peninsula.

But around the Bear Valley Visitor Center, I was feeling a bit woozy and asked Cam if I could drive for awhile.

He said sure but suggested we also stop to stretch our legs a bit. There is a cool Earth-
quake Trail at the visitor's center.

Sam and I walked it when we were in California in 2001 but hadn't been back since.

Cam wrote about the Maddux family's hike and showed this picture (and others) already.

Before we left the trail, I asked them to come back to the fence so I could document how the fence row became two fences from a different angle.

The earth really did move on that day.

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