Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two films about the adolescent experience

In the litany of movies we've watched recently, I realized I left out one. The movie Thirteen came up on one of my cases at work last month. I hadn't seen it and it seemed like I should.

So, knowing Sam was going to be gone, I moved it to the top of our Blockbuster queue. I'd heard it was a very adult movie and Cam said he wasn't sure I wanted to watch it. I said I wasn't sure I wanted to either but that I was going to watch it anyway.

After the movie, we discussed how the most shocking part was that the kids' behavior wasn't all that shocking (maybe because it was an exaggerated situation?)

While we hope Sam doesn't get wrapped-up in those activities, we know they (although likely not to the extent they were portrayed in the movie) are part of life for many kids today.

Both of us are happy to be involved in supporting and encouraging young people.

Then, yesterday, we saw Juno.

While it also dealt with an extremely serious situation, it did so with laughter, warmth and intelligence.

It was touching, moving, sweet and endearing.

We enjoyed it very much, bought the soundtrack on itunes last night and will be rooting for it during the upcoming awards shows.

What do you remember about your adolescent experience?

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