Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches.

Sam went with me to the garden center to get the plants for our winter garden and to pick out a Christmas tree.

I'd wanted to buy a live tree, that we could plant, after Christmas. Earlier that day, while our laundry was washing and drying, Cam and I had looked at several small live tree options but didn't settle on one.

When Sam and I went to close the deal, I learned that it wasn't good for a live tree to be kept indoors for more than 7 days. Buying and killing a live tree didn't seem like a good plan and this small cut tree was less expensive too. So, that's what we brought home.

I'm a real tree novice. Sam was a huge help and provided moral support through-
out the entire process.

We placed the tree on our dining room table. When Sam stood on the table, he enjoyed seeing that the tree was about the same height.

Cam had offered to put the laundry away while we bought the tree. After he finished, he helped us decorate the tree.

It is adorned with decorations from the tree Sam and I had in the first home we shared alone.

We also hung it with ornaments we've been given by both of our mothers.

The ones Els made are especially treasured.

P.S. Cam wrote about our tree decorating day here.

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