Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kirby Cove

During our recent trip to Yosemite, Cam and I were so excited about the bear we saw, that we said we would race to see who could post about it first. Clearly, it has been no race.

So, while Cam is wading through the 800+ pictures we took and finding ways to share our most recent escapades with you, I'm going to reflect about an adventure from a different day.
(CA poppy photo credit, Cam)

As I mentioned in my last post, somehow, I got poison ivy in mid-March. The Monday after our adventures at Olompali, my left eyelid began bothering me. At first, I though I'd sunburned it after going on two hikes in one weekend.

Then, I started noticing a rash on my face, my arms and my legs. Rather than getting better and going away, more itchy bumps kept appearing, all week.

I'd gone to work every day, despite my desire to hide myself at home. But by Saturday morning, I was exciting about not having to go anywhere. Cam, on the other hand, was excited about going to the beach. You can see I still look a bit tentative but the view behind me is a big part of what drew me to Marin County in the first place. It is hard for me to see it and not feel better.

In fact, minutes later, Cam got this shot of Sam and I running down the trail, trying to see how high we could get the GPS Jim and Liz gave us for Christmas to clock our speed.

Then, seemingly on the next curve, Cam started not feeling well.

Despite having only had his stitches out a week, Sam is blissfully jumping up and down.

As Cam said before, this kid's resilience is something.

Note the grimace on Cam's face as an old injury starts acting up, sending shooting pain through his shoulder.

Maybe we should have stayed home. Are the grown-ups really up for an outing today?

These trees at the bottom of the hill served to answer my rhetorical question.

Don't they say, "Happiness is the best medicine?"

How could we enter this grove of trees, bathed in sunlight, and not feel happy?

Sam looks a bit like a hobbit on a quest while crossing the bridge.

This treasure was waiting for him on the other side.

So, while Cam literally curled up in the fetal position on our beach blanket, I followed the child on his adventure down to the beach.

Pretty impressive domain for a nine-year-old.

We always talk about how Sam likes playing with sticks.

Throwing rocks into water is another activity he has enjoyed for years.

Here his is at Bolinas on his first trip to this coastline, age 3.

And at Finger Lakes State Park in Columbia, Missouri, age 2.

After awhile, Cam felt up for joining us on the beach.

He walked towards the bridge, and enjoyed some solitude.

I thought he looked very handsome while walking back.

Sam erected intricate, bizarre structures Dr. Seuss would be proud of.

Sam'd watch to see what the tide would do to them. Then he'd rebuild or make new ones.

He dug a pretty impressive pool and used a flat piece of driftwood as a tool to scrape the sand into place.

Finally, we decided it was time to head out.

We'd had the beach to ourselves for at least an hour.

Other people were coming down for the first time, since we'd arrived, as we left.

Back near the top of the trail head, everyone seems to be feeling better.

I love this picture Cam took of Sam and me in front of the bridge.

And I love this day. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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