Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I hope I look this good when I turn 90.

Unfortunately, the only way I can access this lovely photo of Cameron, Sam, Cam's Aunt Mary Lu and his Grandmother Lurene at Eric & Sarah's wedding is through Yahoo Photos. At least, I can access it. I should be thankful. But they converted it to low res and I don't know how to make it bigger again.

"Why am I posting it now?" you may ask. I want to wish Lurene a happy 90th birthday and let you know that we are looking forward to traveling to Solomons, Maryland, to celebrate the occasion with her this coming weekend.

Also, I recently found these childhood photos of my brother and me in DC. Again, the quality isn't there but we appear to be standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument in the background. Pictures like these are great for reminding us, we were there.

Initially, Cam and I had talked about trying to build a trip to our nation's capitol into this visit but it doesn't look like it is in the cards.

My right side didn't make this picture of us in front of the White House but it does capture my brother in his "Yes" shirt.

You may remember me sharing my memories about a homeless person yelling "No," at my sweet brother on this trip. Now you have an accompanying visual.

Hopefully, we'll have many new pictures to share with you upon our return from the east coast.


mcewen said...

I don't know about 'looking good' at 90, but I'd certainly be happy to get to 90 - [by fair means or foul]

marymaddux6272 said...

Agreed. I don't really care how I look, just wanted to acknowledge Lurene. Thanks for reading.