Monday, May 14, 2007

Less skritch, skritch. More lick, lick.

I will not venture to say we have won the battle of the fleas but there is much smiling and rejoicing in our home the past 24 hours.

Saturday, Sam and I went to a local vet's office and picked up Advantage, (imidacloprid) a once-a-month topical flea treatment.

We've used this kind of thing before. I think I was first introduced to it by a vet in Iowa. But in recent years, we've skimped and bought a knock-off brand from Target or the grocery store. Those seemed to be reasonably effective but just weren't cutting it this time.

Who knew there was a difference? This one said it should work w/in 12 hours. We gave it to the cats Saturday evening and Sunday morning, when Cam called before boarding his flight home, I told him it was eerie, they didn't seem to be going skritch, skritch. He said, Happy Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day indeed.

Despite running a fever on Saturday and Sunday, Sam was a huge help during the weekend of the vacuum. (Cam was happier when he realized I saved $150 off the normal price.)

We pulled furniture out from walls and cleaned under beds. We vacuumed his futon, we emptied out closets and rearranged. We dumped cat hair and dirt out the vacuum funnel three times. Laundry is waiting for me in the car, I plan to washing the bedding and bath mats again.

We haven't used any of the new spray I bought yet and are hoping to avoid using more poison.

The work continues but the rooms that are done are so much better. I may not have to flee after all. At least I don't feel disgusted sitting on the carpet anymore. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

I decided to stay home with Sam today to let him rest and keep any germs he's still fighting away from the other kids at school. The cats were snuggly and affectionate this morning, giving each other kisses and baths.

Less tension, less stress, we're making progress.

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