Thursday, July 13, 2006

This mountain, we climbed.

During our first week here, we decided to take a break from unpacking and check out our neighbor, Ring Mountain. It isn't as sizable as our other neighbor, Mt. Tam but it is closer and we think more our speed. There are hiking and biking trails all over it.

The day we climbed Ring Mountain, we drove to the trail head and started hiking straight up. It was pretty and pretty strenuous. Cameron just kept climbing. I kept climbing too but our pace was a little different. We stopped at one point near the top to celebrate our progress and take a couple of pictures. These are pretty representative. Mary climbing,

Mary still climbing

Cam at the top.

Once we were at the top, it was fun to wander and run around on the wide, flat surface.

We can't wait to take Sam there.

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