Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The first time Cam and I went to Sausalito was to go see Superman. Without knowing anything about the theatre there, we drove into town and purchased tickets. We were almost an hour early for the show so we spent some time exploring the town on foot. When the movie started, we were shown into the tiniest movie theatre I've ever seen. I found it absolutely quaint. While it still had a big screen, there were probably only around fifty seats. We were two of the less than 20 people at the show (granted it was a weekday matinee). Anyway, after the show, we walked to the pier to sit by the bay for a bit.

Monday night, we decided to go back and have a dinner date at a sushi restaurant we'd seen and heard good things about. While finding this link, I just read that Sushi Ran was ranked one of the top five bay area restaurants by Zagat. I can see why. The food shots on the website are gorgeous. Our food was equally splendid, in person. While I love what I call sushi, nearly everything I eat comfortably is cooked. We had a half-bottle of chardonnay, scallop dumplings and rolls with veggies, shrimp, crab, eel and tuna. Cam ate the rolls that had uncooked fish so I didn't have to. It was a lovely evening.

Speaking of sushi, I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank Alison Saiki, Terrence and Shiraz Pitts for the bon voyage dinner they treated Sam and I to on the evening of my last day working at Sam's school. Alison, I read the fish eggs are cured and the eel is smoked. Try them. You might like them. Miss you guys.

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