Thursday, July 06, 2006

Interacting with Sam

Most of you know that I haven't seen Sam in almost three weeks. This is probably the longest we have been apart and I am not scheduled to see him for another 10 days. We've spoken on the phone nearly every day and the break is allowing each of us to have quality time with others but I am missing interacting with him.

Back in Chicago, he started playing an interactive online game with a couple of his friends from third grade. Today, I signed up to create a user in RuneScape so I could play with him. I don't think it is an especially noteworthy game. I like others he has played and the ones I grew up playing better but so far, it is the only online game he has played regularly. That made it my favorite game today.

Before I could join him in a world, my character had to complete a lengthy tutorial. I learned to chop wood, make a fire, catch shrimp, cook them, bake break, mine metal, make weapons, etc. Finally, with the help of my folks, Sam and I were in the same world at the same time. We were asking, "Where are you?" I walked over toward the virtual fountain and a couple of seconds later he joined me there. Then he said, "Follow me, Mom."

It was awesome being in this realm with him taking the lead. He took me to a basement somewhere where we killed spiders to get better at fighting. He warned me that some of them could hurt me. He took me to a field where we picked potatoes. He proposed "trades" where he'd offer things I needed to me and ask nothing in return. He led me to the bank where I could deposit my valuables so I wouldn't lose them if I died.

Sometimes, I wouldn't follow quickly enough and I would lose him. I'd ask him where he went and he would type back, "Here." Eventually, he would come back for me.

Then it was time for him to go to bed. It is two hours earlier there than here. I hope you sleep well tonight, son. Thank you for spending time playing with me today.


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