Monday, July 31, 2006

Then and now - Limantour Beach

This weekend was busy. Saturday, we hiked to the top of Ring Mountain with Sam. Sunday, Cam said, "Let's go to the beach." So we got dressed and headed out. He was driving and had done research and decided where he wanted to go. I wasn't particular about our destination and was happy he had done the planning. When he explained he was planning to go to the beach at Limantour Road, I reminded him that that was the beach where Sam and I saw a whale when we were in CA in April of 2001. I've really enjoyed revisiting places we'd been then and reliving those memories.
This morning, I pulled out the photo album and scanned some photos of that last trip to share along with the photos of our most-recent one. In '01, we took a photo at the top of the dune on the trail leading to the beach. Yesterday, Cam took another one.

Sam admiring the view.

While even then, he liked running towards the waves then running away from them.

His level of interaction with the water has heightened dramatically. (See the video on Cam's blog.) He looks so sophisticated in this current picture.

He loved playing on the sand dunes last time.

And this time.

Our family picture then.

And now. We're so thankful to have Cam in our lives.

(He has a nice entry about this trip on his blog (with more pictures.))

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Carma said...

Master Sam has certainly grown up into a young man. He looks so grown up now.
How cool to have been to someplace and revisit it 5 years later. And have the pictures to compare.

I think Cam is as fortunate to have you and Sam in his life as you are to have him in your lives.