Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nevada. The longest travel day.

After a scrumptious and nutritious breakfast of homemade, whole-wheat, blueberry pancakes with strawberries and yogurt to put on top (thanks, Aunt Maria), we were back on the road.

Rather than take the interstate out of our way, we opted for this incredibly remote, but nearly one hour shorter, route across NW Utah towards Nevada. Again, we saw interesting rock formations but not much else.

Until at this rest stop, we saw mountains off in the distance.
Cameron was psyched.
I was trying to be but as this was our fourth consecutive day of marathon driving, I was feeling (and looking) a bit road worn.
We continued to see mountains on the horizon.

but our immediate surroundings were less than stimulating. As illustrated by this, "We're going through a tunnel." montage.

The light at the end of the tunnel made me think of the light people who've had a near-death experience sometimes say they see. Usually, they think it means they were on their way to heaven.

In our case, we were on to 500+ miles of desolate near waste land.
We had a fun day, though. I read a bit out loud from a silly book Cam had picked out for the journey and we had an enjoyable lunch. No car trouble, which was a good thing.

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