Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unite Again

Because I believe that we can accomplish more when we work together to help one another, I'm supporting Barack Obama. (photo credit)

I've never been involved in a political campaign before but I believe this man wants to do right things and make a worthwhile difference.

On Saturday at noon, I'm meeting a handful of other people at a woman's house in Mill Valley where we will share food, conversation and help build momentum for Barack. (photo credit)

They are asking us to reach out and make direct contact with voters in the states with early elections. That sounds like we'll be making phone calls but I don't know for sure.

At one point in my career transition, I made phone calls for a plastics manufacturer. I figured if I can call people about plastics, I can call people about hope. (photo credit)

I'd be honored if you wanted to join me. Or, click on this link to find a house party near you.

To read things I have written about why I support Barack, click here or here or here.

Click on the next link to read a statement Barack made today in remembrance of September 11th asking us to come together again so hope may triumph over fear. (photo credit)

Thanks for your consideration.

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