Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not far now.

Before they left, John and Johanna decided they wanted to see the big trees at Muir Woods.

They had each been there before but wanted to go back again.

I'm always happy to visit.

The low light inside the woods plays havoc with our camera but I did catch some silliness.

tunately, the camera that took these pictures may have seen its last days (see Cam's blog for that story.)

Our normal routine at Muir Woods is to bolt to the back of the park to escape the tourists who often con-
gregate, along the main path, near the entrance.

Once we reach Bridge #4, we cross it and take the more interesting loop path back to the front of the park.

In the pictures John helped me access, I found this one of him on the loop path from an earlier day.

It looks like it was taken around his senior year of high school.

I think he came out here with my folks one time while I was away at college.

What's the story Mom, Dad, John?

When we were finished hiking, Sam wanted to buy a couple of carved, wooden animals from the gift shop.

John and Jo went to get the car. We took this picture, in front of the sign, while we were waiting to be picked up.

You can't see the sign but I'm still glad we have the picture.

And I'm glad we were able to have time with these guys.

Thanks for coming to visit, John and Jo.

We love you.

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