Saturday, September 15, 2007

Making Friends, cont.

Last Friday, on his way home from school, Sam ran into a kid in from his class. Stefen is new to the school. His family just moved from the Detroit area. It turns out they live just up the street from us. We were all excited to learn about our new neighbors.

The kids played all last weekend and we throughly enjoyed the little boy laughter coming from Sam's room. They spent a lot of time scootering and skateboarding around the neighborhood too.

Cam suggested we take the kids to the beach on Friday after school.

I love this shot of Stefen and his 7-year-old brother, Nickolas soaking in Stinson Beach.

They said they'd been to the beach one other time since moving here but it was only about 50 degrees that day. Friday afternoon was gorgeous.

Sam broke out his skimboard right away.

Check out Cam's blog for skim-
boarding pics from Labor Day

Being at the beach together was lovely and relaxing.

Cam thought to pack the boogie boards we brought back from Myrtle Beach.

Sam took his out and was having a blast. Cam decided to join him.

Brave, soul.

This week, at back to school night, I read that Cam is Sam's hero.

Part of what he wrote said, "He plays with me."

Stefen and Nick played in the sand for awhile.

Soon, all three of them were out in the surf.

Had enough.

Drying off silliness.


Playing Frisbee with Cam is so much fun.

He throws it right to you, making it as easy as possible to catch.

And he doesn't mind if your throw is lousy, that just gives him a chance to sprint for an impressive catch.

Sam has become a really impressive skim-
boarder, in only three outings.

I enjoyed watching him im-

He would glide along for quite a distance, sometimes.

Way to go, Kid.

You're my hero.

Despite the enjoyable weather, I didn't even want to get into the cold water.

Seemingly unfazed, Sam kept at it for hours.

When he did join us, we enjoyed chilling on the sand together.

Stefen launched into an impressive narrative about an amazing, supernatural person he invented, named Mr. Fibbs.

Cam snapped this shot on our ride home.

What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

I hope you enjoy yours.

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