Monday, June 11, 2007

"Raise your hopeful voice..."

On Cam's blog, he mentioned the movie we saw together Friday night. We both enjoyed Once so much, I want to mention it on my blog, as well.

This movie isn't political like The Girl in the Cafe. Once was just lovely.

It was touching, moving and inspiring.

My favorite line from my favorite song from the movie is, "Raise your hopeful voice. You have a choice." The song was in my head all day, Saturday. Cam ordered the soundtrack. So, soon we can listen to it whenever we want.

The movie made me want to find a way to be involved in singing and playing music again (not that I ever played or wrote original music like the artists in the film) but I did play music and have always loved to sing.

I want to thank my parents for giving me piano lessons from age 6 to 17.

Even though I remember actually rolling around on the floor with my mom because I didn't want to practice one time, those piano lessons were the basis for my love of music.

Because of my enjoyment and my parent's continued support, I went on to play percussion in the school band, starting in 5th grade.

Many of my favorite memories and best friends were made in band. I have stories that start, "And one time, at band camp."

I always sang in the school choir, sometimes in the church choir. Singing hymns was one of my favorite things about church. But, I was never chosen for the select choir. While I performed piano solos several times each year, the couple of times I tried to sing solos, I was so nervous that I forgot some of the words in the middle of the song.

Last year, in Chicago, I was thrilled to be paid to teach a beginning keyboarding class to kids from Sam's school during their after school program.

One time, this year, I worked as a substitute for the music teacher at the local elementary school with k-2nd grade. I played piano from a book the teacher had written while the kids sang along. Good behavior earned them time playing percussion instruments. It was a blast.

Sam has a musical ear and a lovely voice. (His favorite song this week is Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.) Sam's recently decided he is interested in joining the school band next year. He thinks he would like to try trumpet.

He was proud earlier this year when the music teacher told him he was making the buzzing sound with his lips correctly. I don't know anything about playing brass instruments but love listening to them and would be thrilled to learn along with Sam.

At Iowa State, I did participate in the concert choir one semester but since I didn't intend to play music professionally, I didn't think it made sense to pay tuition for music classes.

In hindsight, I wish I had taken them anyway.

One of my favorite things about ISU is the campanile.

I loved listening to it while walking across campus.

In school, I could have taken a class and learned how to play it. That I didn't, makes me sad.

But, as Falling Slowly says, "Take this aching boat and point it home. We've still got time."

I've still got time. I hope you are inspired by music today.

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