Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Years Ago

I sent the following message via email:

Mary and Cameron eloped.

Sam was our ring bearer, photo-
grapher and witness. A magistrate performed a simple but beautiful ceremony for us under two flowering trees in Leland, Michigan.
After the ceremony, we drove across the 49th Parallel on our way to the campground at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

We spent the week on a family honeymoon, hiking, camping and exploring this breathtaking area.

That afternoon, we climbed the strenuous 3.5 mile Dune Climb up and down many, many steep sand dunes.

Finally, we reached Lake Michigan where we took a refreshing swim in the clear, cool, blue water.
The next day, we took a ferry ride to South Manitou Island. There, we hiked to the Valley of the Giants and walked among hundred year old cedars. We hiked past a shipwreck and a lighthouse.

Another day, we swam at North Bar Lake, a warmer inland lake. The last day, we rode horses. We had campfires every night and watched the sunset and stars and slept under the full moon.

We met a raccoon, several deer, two garter snakes and a mother loon with at least a dozen babies.

Early in the week, we met a photo-
at the top of the dunes and took pictures so we could share our event with you.

Thank you for sharing this celebration of love with us.

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Kayhan Gultekin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Last week we went on vacation to Traverse City, MI. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes as an early celebration of your anniversary.