Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Maryland Memories

Check out the Flickr album Cam posted on his blog for more pics of our trip to Maryland last weekend. As he mentioned, Flickr has improved their slide show but the first time I used it, I still didn't see the captions Cam had written.

He told me to click on the little "i" in the middle of the screen when I view the first slide to see the captions. I believe this is advice worth repeating since many of his captions made me laugh and smile.

Before Cam posted his album, Sam selected a bunch of photos to share, along with his memories of the trip. They are posted on his blog. Go here to hear about the trip from his perspective.

As for me, rather than trying to come up with an original angle on the weekend, at this point, I plan to write about how we spent the rest of the day on my birthday. Then, I plan to go back and write about how we celebrated Cam's birthday. Maybe I'll get back to Lurene's birthday before Sam's (on July 16th).

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