Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stories Cam Told

Cam just asked me to read his latest blog post to see if it made sense.

He is reflecting on how his updates have been happening less frequently these days.

While I loved it when he would post daily, I'm just happy he is still writing. As he was writing his post, I was compiling photos I wanted to share from stories he's already told about from events we lived months ago.

While Cam wishes he were posting more frequently, his blog is still the place to go for our family's breaking news. Mine is more about nostalgia.

And as I was working on my post, I saw pictures of another hike I hadn't written about yet and had momentarily forgotten about already. Without writing about it, it took me a few minutes to remember which hike it was.

Our blogs aren't perfect, but I love the way they let us share, document and preserve our memories and experiences.

So, here goes...

Awhile ago, we bought scooters for both boys.

One day, Cam and I walked along the bike path from Cam's office into Sausalito while Sam rode his new scooter.

On the way there, we stopped for lunch at Avatar's Punjabi restaurant. The food was wonderful. The owner waited on us and was incredibly friendly and welcoming. And it was a beautiful, glorious day.

After lunch, our plan was to check out a local museum. The San Francisco Bay and Delta Model has a football-sized model of the Bay. I was intrigued by the opportunity to be able to visualize the whole area and watch the tides change. One lunar day passes in under 15 minutes.

But, when we got to the museum, we learned they had drained all of the water from the model for repairs.

Oh well. It was still educational and we had fun anyway.

Another time, a long lost friend from Cameron's childhood, Tucker paid us a visit. Apparently, these two were inseparable from 3rd-6th grade. Then, Tucker moved to Venezuela. Including this visit, they have only seen each other twice since then. Each time, it had been several years since the time before. It was nice to meet Tucker and listen to the two of them catch up and reminisce.

More recently, another of Cameron's closest friends, Anthony spent a few days with us. He was in town for an English Professor's conference which just so happened to be the week before a comic book convention. Who could ask for more?

I'm so glad the two of them had time together in person. Sam and I were happy to be able to take share the view from the top of Mt. Tam with Anthony as Cam finishing up his work week.

Another time, we took the ferry to Angel Island.

The harbor seals seemed to be waving to us as we passed by.

Sam's friend, Cameron came with us.

We hiked almost to the top of the mountain.

Viewing Tiburon from the bay instead of the bay from Tiburon was delightful.

Oh, and I talked Cam into buying a second car.
I was convinced that the freedom, self sufficiency and independence having one would afford us would be well worth the $2500 I was willing to spend on one.

Cam didn't think we could find anything decent for that amount. We ended up buying this old Volvo from the West Coast Charity for the Children. Hopefully, the investment will be worthwhile for all of us.

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