Saturday, March 03, 2007

Goodbye, Shade Slayer

After sharing many wonderful times with my folks and my brother in LA, Sam and I were ready to head back home. We had spent the weekend before our break with Cam and were excited to have the weekend afterwards to spend with him too.

These stories wouldn't be complete without a shot of Sam on his "perch." He liked sitting on the dividing wall in my folk's hotel room. He read up there for almost an hour one day and nearly fell asleep on it another.

My brother came over to the hotel to spend his last few available hours with us.

I love my brother dearly and miss him enormously. We have been living in different states for over six years - ever since Sam and I moved to St. Louis when he was three.

John's work schedule hasn't often been compatible with mine so we haven't been able to get together on holidays or weekends regularly either.

We planned this trip around his time off and he took extra time off to spend with us. For that, I am greatly appreciative.

We didn't get much time with Johanna on this trip but it was great to see her. I was thrilled to hear about how she is thriving in a job where she is able to help others. She is in school too so she didn't have much free time but I appreciate the time she was able to spend with us.
Cursory parting shots of us walking John to his car. He needed to leave for work around 10:30 on our last day in LA.

It makes me happy to see these two guys who mean so much to me so happy together.

During his commute, recently, John's been listening to the audio version of Eragon and Eldest because he knows we've read and enjoyed the books. It was fun talking with him about Du Welden Varden, the great gold dragon, the Ra'zac's steed, the brotherhood of the Dwarves and the customs of the Elves.

Goodbye, Shade Slayer.

Atra esterni ono thelduin,
Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr,
Un du evarinya ono varda.

"May good fortune rule over you, peace live in your heart and the stars watch over you."

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