Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tennesee Valley - Hike in the Rain

Sam and Cam have done a wonderful job of documenting Sam's accident and his recovery. I will write about those things but today, I am going to flash back and share some memories from a hike we took while ago. I didn't get a chance to write about it before Sam and I went to Los Angeles.

In February, Cam wrote about our hike in the rain to Tennessee Valley Beach but I haven't written about it yet. And while some of the pictures I picked were on his blog, some fun ones weren't, like this one of Sam and I racing in the rain.

This one shows how lovely and tranquil it was. The lush green hills make me think of Ireland. Not that I've ever been to Ireland but I imagine this is what Ireland might be like.

I am continually amazed by the wonders of nature here. We were just walking along when I noticed that the enormous bushes we were passing were pussy willows. They were easily 15 feet tall. And gorgeous.

You can see the pussy willow bushes (or are they trees?) in the background below.

Sam reminded me of Beck from his Devil's Haircut video when he was walking towards me up this hill.

Dun da dun dun.

Dun da dun dun.

Then he was off and running down the hill.

A bit later, all of us were gleeful over a newt Sam spotted in the water.

A bit further down the path, we saw and marveled at this one crossing the road.

We were almost to the ocean...

When we noticed the rock path we usually take across this tiny stream wasn't going to allow us to cross and stay dry.

I started singing an Olivia Newton John song my dad used to play when I was young, "The River's too Wide." The river's too wide, now for crossing. The water's rush too loud for talking. They'll never build bridges for walking. There's no getting to the other side...

Then, my resource-
ful husband started building a bridge.

He picked up giant rock after giant rock and replaced them, extending and repairing the path.

Sam got with the program too.

Pretty soon all of us were working on re-
building the bridge.

Cam tested out the extensions he'd made.

Soon, he was triumph-

Sam started across.

At some point, they decided that while it had been possible for Cam to hop from the rocks to the shore with his long legs that Sam and I might have a hard time hopping from the shore onto the rocks.

So we didn't all make it across but we did have fun trying.

The walk back was nice too.

We didn't take as many pictures but here is one.

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