Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Waterfall Hike

The day after we hiked to Tennessee Valley Beach in the rain, the sun came out. We decided to reap the rewards of all that rain by hiking to see a waterfall.

Cam wrote about our hike to Carson Falls in February but I hadn't shared my perspective on the experience yet.

This hike was on the north side of Mt. Tam, near where we'd hiked to our first Marin waterfall, in December.

The hills are gorgeous here.

The rain left the trails a muddy mess.

Cam had said the hike was only four miles. He hadn't mentioned the 800 foot change in elevation.

Living in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois, that was never an important statistic. But, it is one I'm learning to ask about here.

Despite these obstacles, we greatly enjoyed the trek.

Sam requested we stop and rest around this impressive boulder.

Finally, it was time to begin our assent.

We weren't sure if this little trickle of water running down the hill was really our path or not.

But, we followed it to see where it would take us.

Sam scouted ahead.

And decided it was time for a snack.

On top of another enormous boulder.

Just around the bend, we found it.

Carson Falls.

It made a nice place to pose for pictures.

And to share a laugh.

I was intrigued by these seeds.

They were larger than a walnut and were scattered around all over the place.

Many were sprouting.

After a nice picnic near the falls and exploring the area around it, we were ready to climb back up to the summit of the trail.

Sam and Cam made it to the top of the trail first.

The clouds and Mt. Tam behind them provided another impressive setting.

Such a handsome man.

Such a lovely day.

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