Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pumpkin Chucking Memories

Before Sam cut his hair, we had fun carving pumpkins.

In early October, one of my co-workers invited us to a party to celebrate her husband's birthday.

Generously, they sent each guest home with a pumpkin.

However, by the time we got around to carving ours, on Halloween night, two of them were rotten.

I decided to toss mine over the back deck, down the hill into the vegetation.

Sam was excited to toss the other rotten one.

Smartly, Cam & Sam picked up a couple of new pumpkins that afternoon.

Cam's wearing a cat bird hat.

This year, we didn't roast pumpkin seeds.

Cam added the pumpkin guts to the compost heap.

Our friends and upstairs neighbors joined in the com-
motion and con-

Jennifer and Timila, the Devil, went out trick-or-treating. Gaju sent down some of his wonderful Nepalese cooking to share.

Anika enjoyed peering down at us.

I tried carving a second pumpkin.

It was tiny and sweet.

Nothing elaborate.

It was getting dark and I was getting chilly.

Cam finished his pumpkin.

Dixie checked them out.

Sam's pumpkin was rather large.

Cameron offered to help him gut it.

Sam thanked him by doing the pumpkin dance.

Happy pumpkin carvers.

We hope your Halloween was a good one.

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Maddy said...

A very creative family.
Happy Thanksgiving