Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last Weekend was Lovely

It had rained a lot the week before last but the weekend was glorious.

A week ago Friday, I took Sam to the surf shop. They didn't have any used suits in his size but he tried on a new one and decided to go for it. He bought gloves and boots too.

The young lady, who helped us with his gear, surfs.

She asked if we'd been to Bolinas yet. I said that we'd been to the tide pools at Agate Beach and had been to the beach as well but not with Sam's skim board. Since she mentioned it, I suggested we try it out, last Saturday morning.

There were lots of surfers out there.

But the waves were crashing hard and Sam wasn't finding his groove.

See Cam's post about our day at Bolinas for Sam's surfer scowl shot and a Flickr slideshow.

He did get a few rides in but nothing like other weekends where he's ridden non-stop for hours.

On this day, his favorite place to play was on this wall labeled "groin."

I don't know what it means but it seemed to be a little mini damn. (Scary story about the Bolinas groin.)

He, and a child he met there, had fun walking back and forth and jumping into the water that pooled around the wall. The water was chilly enough that the wet suit definitely made this a more enjoyable experience.

We'd just finished watching the movie Downfall and I started reading In My Hands.

Lying in the sun, reading about her life in Poland, with her family, before the war, was so peaceful, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I had fun watching these two dig and build in the sand. Sam was ready for some sun too. Thanks to the wet suit, he wasn't wet and cold after playing in the water.

As we walked back to the car, I reminded Sam about how I liked to take his picture by these flower boxes.

Then & Now.

We'd driven up Hwy 1 to get to Bolinas and decided to take the Bolinas Fairfax road home for a change of scenery. We realized we hadn't driven up Mt. Tam from Bolinas on such a clear day before.

It was lovely.

We were too tired to explore that day but agreed that we'd have to come back and check out the trails on the ocean side of the mountain soon.

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