Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We must be doing something right.

Cam already posted a gorgeous Flickr set of our hike along the Coastal Trail from Rodeo Beach towards Tennessee Valley Beach but I love that my child just broke out dancing and have to post those pictures here too.

That picture isn't the first in the series but it is my favorite.

Here's the dance as it unfolded.

He had some pretty good moves on this day too.

(Click on the link then scroll down.)


Eric Maddux said...

Next we see pictures of you dancing.

Carma said...

The boy has moves. Has he considered a kids version of Dancing With The Stars???
I like Cam's look on his face when he realizes that Sam is getting ready to do something.

Fun day.

(Ooh, look, I figured out my Blogger name - sort of)