Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You can help protect polar bears today.

It is overwhelming to watch the disasters unfolding in Asia and easy to feel powerless, unable to help the victims. Today, prompted by Barack Obama's campaign I gave $25 to the American Red Cross (and another $25 to his campaign). Last weekend, we purchased mother's day roses for my mother and maternal grandmother, making a significant donation to Save the Children but we only have so much money. (photo credit)

I was happy to learn about something I can do, something you can do, to help our world, to help polar bears, that doesn't cost a thing. Please join me in signing the We Campaign's petition to put polar bears on the federal Endangered Species list.

The Bush Administration has until May 15 to decide whether to place the polar bear on the Endangered Species list. Tell Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne that the polar bear, and its fragile Arctic habitat, requires protection from the effects of global warming. Sign the petition today.
(photo credit)

While you're at it, sign the petition for a global treaty on climate change.

The We Campaign is an effort launched by Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection to promote solutions to the climate crisis. It's an urgent issue, but the climate crisis is also solvable if we work together and unite our leaders around solutions like renewable power and enhanced energy efficiency. We can leave the next generation a healthy climate.

Solutions to global warming exist. Calling on leaders to make them happen.
Join We.

Thank you.

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