Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vernal Falls Mist Trail - April 2008

We felt like we'd accomp-
lished a lot by the time we made it to the footbridge. There was some discussion of stopping but our hike to the top last year was so amazing and the end was in sight.

We suggested stopping for lunch, resting in the shade, refreshing ourselves and then seeing how we felt.

After the rest, we decided we would start up the trail, saying we could stop and turn around at anytime.

Once we started though, the thought of turning around wasn't as simple as we'd expected.

The stairs were steep, slippery and crowded.

The spray seemed to impede us a bit and presented more of a challenge than the joyous mist I remembered from a year ago.

We knew that the top would provide a wondrous view an place to recuperate and rest again.

So, we forged on.

Finally, we made it.

I appreciate Jim and Liz being such good sports and amazing adventurers.

This Flickr set has more photos of our climb to the top of Vernal Falls via the Mist Trail.

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