Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Claudia.

Our friends, Edie and Claudia were in town to celebrate Claudia's 11th birthday last weekend.

We're happy they found the time to hang out with us. The kids had fun playing at Rodeo Beach while Edie and I exchanged stories, basked in the sun and appreciated the tiny green stones.

Afterwards, lunch at Joe's Taco Lounge, in Mill Valley was yummy too.

When they were gone, Sam ob-
served that he and Claudia didn't have much in common. I said that was true but pointed out that they were in the same first grade class and that their moms are friends. Sam agreed and said another thing they had in common was that they liked each other. That's a lot.

Here is a small Flickr post of our time with Edie and Claudia.

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