Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Series of Giant's Games

In May, Cameron took Sam to see Greg Maddux pitch at Giant's stadium.

Cam found seats right next to the Padre's dugout.

It sounds like they had a blast.

Here are the pictures to prove it.

A day or two later, Sam's 5th grade class was scheduled to go to a Giant's day game for a field trip. That morning, there was a principal's assembly, where Sam was recognized for his positive attitude. Afterwards, on our way to the car and into the city, Cam and I got a call from Sam's teacher. She said one of the parents who was supposed to drive and help chaperon had canceled. Could one of us come to the Giant's game in her place? I had to be in court but Cameron decided he could meet them there that afternoon. What a dedicated parent. Here is a link to this photo of Sam and Leo at that game.

On the first of July, the night before Sam headed to the Midwest for time with family there, Cam took us to the Cubs vs. Giant's game. Ram came too. They were rambunctious. We had fun. Here are some silly photos of us from that night.

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