Sunday, August 03, 2008

Birthday Bonfire at Muir Beach

As it says on his blog, On his 11th birthday, Sam went kayaking in Birch Bay, Washin-
gton. The following day, he tandem-paraglided down Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. While those were remarkable experiences, he didn't get to celebrate with his friends from school.

So, last night, we hosted a birthday bonfire celebrate at Muir Beach. Ten 11-year-old boys were in attendance.

We'd planned a hike to Pirate's Cove, as the beach is usually foggy and cool this time of year. However; yesterday, the consensus was that it was a fun day to go for a swim whether you had swim gear and dry clothes or not.

When they boys first got wet, I was worried about what would happen when the fun stopped and they were cold. Thankfully, the fun never stopped. There was no complaining which I greatly appreciate.

Thanks to Todd and Spencer for joining us. We also greatly appreciate Forouz and Mohamed who drove a carload of boys home. Thanks to Linda who was going to drive and to the rest of you for being able to pick your boys up from the Cove a little early.

Please enjoy this Flickr set of photos from the party. In our eyes, it was a huge success. We hope you agree and look forward to taking that hike to Pirate's Cove another day.

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Eric Maddux said...

Sorry the four of us missed it. Maybe next year!