Thursday, June 05, 2008

Giant Sequoias

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Washington D.C. Since I was awake at 4am today, I thought I'd get up and post a few more Yosemite pictures.

The morning after we climbed to the top of Vernal Falls and back down by way of the John Muir trail, we woke up and went to see the Giant Sequoias.

We were feeling a bit more subdued which fit the tranquil feel of this grove of ancient trees.

Here are a few random shots. Sam and an enormous pine cone. (We left it there.)

Mary and the Grizzly Giant.

Sam took up the art of shadow photo-

We were intrigued and baffled by the red shoots we saw growing in a few places.

On our way out, it was nice of this sign to give us an explan-

Here are more photos from our time with the Giant Sequoias.

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