Saturday, February 16, 2008

SF Pillow Fight '08

On Valentine's Day afternoon, our neighbor and friend, Gaju generously offered to bring Sam with him into the city (along with three of our pillows) so we could meet Cam and his class from the Academy of Art at SF Pillow Fight '08.

Sam and I had fun warming-up by hitting people in my office and strangers on the street, on our way there.

Then, Cam told us we were supposed to be non-nonchalant and covert with our pillows until the fighting started at precisely 6pm.

We sat on our pillows for a bit, then took a few runs through the fountain. Soon it was 6pm.

I loved the first 10 minutes of the pillow fight but you know how you can get too much of a good thing? I think that's what happened. I was feeling so exhilarated on the periphery that I decided to move further into the swarm of pillow fighting.

Suddenly, I was whapped hard in the face. Ouch. I stayed in a bit longer but the next blow to the head hit my glasses pretty squarely and hurt. I checked with Cam and Sam to see if they wanted to move out with me. They didn't.

Sam stayed in the mix for 30 minutes, before checking in with Cam and I at the meeting place. He was ready to go back for more. We took him for a quick dinner break. When we were done, at 7pm, the fight was still going.

I jumped back in with him and we enjoyed wading through the crowd, waging little skirmishes along the way and made it safely to the ferry building in plenty of time to whack the nice man who takes our ferry tickets, before boarding.

Cam came up with the idea and wrote about our experience here. Other people posted their pillow fight pics here.

Check out this Flickr set for my favorite pictures from our '08 pillow fight. I say we go back next year.

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