Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our Snowy New Year's Eve

I'm never such a good shot. (I'm happy I didn't hit him in the face. My aim is so bad. Have you heard the story about how I accidentally hit my middle school principal with a grape?)

I was having such a wonderful, nostalgia filled afternoon on New Year's Eve. After ice skating with friends, while walking up Michigan Avenue, I called to see how Cam and Sam were doing.

They'd bailed on ice skating because Sam seemed wiped out but after a few hours of resting, they were willing to venture out a bit.

One of the things we wanted to do was watch the New Year's Eve fireworks over the lake. Not sure we'd make it till midnight, we decided to try to catch the 7pm family fireworks display.

First, we grabbed dinner at the Big Bowl where Cam and I went on our first real date then headed towards the lake.

When we got to the lake, since it was overcast, we could hear the fireworks but not see them. We didn't mind though, we much preferred the several inches of new-fallen snow.

A giddy snowball fight ensued.

We tried to make a snowman and each created large balls of snow but when we tried to stack them, they collapsed.

I had fun making a snow angel.

The weather was so mild, we would have liked to have stayed out longer but a couple of us needed to find a bathroom. By the time we were back in our hotel room, we decided we were in for the night.

Sam was enjoying his Manga. Cam and I tried to find something on TV and considered getting a pay-per-view movie to help us stay up until midnight but there was nothing we were really excited about seeing. For awhile, we enjoyed some Saturday Night Live tribute show but ended up falling asleep around 10pm. (8pm California time)

At one point, I woke up and Sam, who was still awake, said it was just a few minutes before midnight. I was able to count down with him and Cam mumbled a sleepy Happy New Year to us too. But by 12:02am on 1/1/08, the lights were off and it was time for bed again.

Last year, we brought 2007 in on an airplane, after having been stranded in Dallas for a couple of extra days.

While our New Year's Eve snowball fight on lake Michigan was memorable and quite fun, I really want to give Sam an enjoyable countdown experience next year.

Help me remember, OK?

Go to this Flickr set if you want to see more pictures from our happy new year.

Happy New Year to you.

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