Friday, September 15, 2006

Yosemite - Afternoon Adventures

After our hike to Lukens Lake, I was ready to rest up a bit. The temperature had changed dramatically. Our campsite which was now in full sunlight was probably around 80 degrees. I changed out of my jeans and snow boots (still the only boots I own) and into sandals, shorts and a tank top. I took out my contacts, thinking I might lie down and take a nap after lunch. At least, I hoped Sam and I might read together for awhile.

We had a nice picnic from the food Cam packed. Then I went into the tent to rest/relax. Cam wanted to explore the area around our campsite more. We planned to meet back at the campsite later. Sam stayed with me. We did rest and read a bit then suddenly, Cam was back. He said he'd found a huge boulder playground and that we should come with him to check it out. So we did. Sam liked walking/crawling between the two in the first picture.

The boulders were quite interesting. Some of them seemed to be placed there by hand.

The guys found a couple of tiny caves too.

It was fun hanging out together on them.

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