Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We made it.

Cam dubbed this picture, "Mary relaxing." As you can see by the upturned chair and box in the background, we still had lots of work to do on the place when this picture was taken and while I don't think this shot is especially flattering, I do look satisfied, happy and relaxed.

It was such a relief to finally get out of that blasted U-Haul truck and into our new home (which we love, by the way). At the end of our fifth consecutive day of extensive driving, I was comparing myself to the Bride of Frankenstein (no comparison of Cam to Frankenstein intended). I, however, did feel like the living dead. I'd fluctuate between exhilarated enthusiasm and flat-out desperation, frantic to be there already.

My poor parents would call to check on our progress and sometimes I was thrilled with how things were going and able to share it with them. Other times, I had to say I wasn't up for talking. Driving 2200 miles is grueling and can be down-right discouraging.

But we made it. That night, my dad tried to ask me if the place was as beautiful as I remembered. I had to tell him I couldn't really say. Cam and I couldn't decide if we were happier to be here or happier to be out of the truck. At that time, I'd say we were happier to be out of the truck. It has been over a week now and I can say it is as beautiful as I remember and we are happy to be here. More to come...

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