Friday, June 30, 2006

Green River? Right...

At some point, the mountains faded into the distance and the novelty of of the rocks began to wear off. We stopped at a rest stop which wasn't at all scenic but snapped a few pics to share. I look a bit more awake and shaded in this picture than the last.

I wanted to get a picture of the sage brush in the background but it wasn't really exciting enough to walk over and stand in front of so I joked that we should get a picture of Cameron next to the sign on the side of the U-Haul. Have you seen the graphics on the side of their trucks that feature different states? Ours featured Iowa. I thought that was appropriate.

More rocks. Fewer plants.

Fewer everything...

As we approached Green River, Wyoming, we started to see random rock outcropings where were relatively interesting.

A closer view of one.

During lunch in Green River, I convinced Cam he should let me help drive. He took this shot of me and another rock formation while we filled up at a gas station.

Look. I can drive a U-Haul. There was somthing empowering about it. It reminded me of when I'd driven one from Des Moines to Chicago, roughly six hours, towing my car with Sam asleep in the passenger side. The adrenaline of moving to Chicago kept me extremely alert on that trip.

This time, after about 25 hours of road time within the past 48 hours, I was bored. I started feeling sleepy. In the passenger seat, I had been able to fidget, look around, read out loud to Cam, control the radio, take pictures, whatever. Now, being forced to hold my foot to the gas petal and stare and the road and semi trucks in front of me was underwhelming. Cam assured me he felt just as bored as the passenger as I felt driving. Driving gave him something to focus on and kept him alert. So while I can say I did drive on this trip, I logged less than 30 miles before pulling off at a rest stop and happily relinquishing the steerimg wheel. Thanks, Cam for getting us there.

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Cameron said...

You're welcome! Thanks for letting me drive and drive and drive and drive.

You are a wonderful road companion ... and life companion.