Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Turns out I like the Giants.

So, yesterday was my first full day of internet access in what seemed like forever and was probably actually two weeks. (Two weeks is forever in our online world isn't it?) Cam had gone back to work on Monday. Without internet access, I'd been trying to be domestic. I did the dishes, unpacked boxes, washed clothes, bought groceries, made dinner, etc. Quite out of character for me. A day of it was fine but I was anxious to get online and find something intellectually stimulating or at least worthwhile and meaningful to get involved in. Never mind we still have boxes that haven't been touched. I need to do something that makes me feel stimulated or I get neurotic.

So, within hours of being back online, I found a way to volunteer the next day. Some point in the past, I signed up for the mailing list for Today, they were holding protests across the country trying to encourage Congress to end what they call its addiction to oil money.

Oil isn't my most passionate topic but Congress came dangerously close to allowing oil companies access to the Arctic National Wildlilfe Refuge recently. That got my attention. And we are trying to buy a car to replace the one we left in Chicago. I'd love to buy one that ran at least partially on corn or water or solar or electric power. (My friend Melinda is way ahead of me with her cool red hybrid.) But it looks like we can't afford a non-oil reliant car.

Move-on's protest wasn't so much after consumers to stop consuming so much oil but after Congress to start supporting the alternative energy solutions that are out there. I love inovative, progressive ideas and thinking. And one of the protests was scheduled to be at Berkeley. How cool would that be that the first day I am able, to be involved socially as a Californian, I am protesting at Berkely? I started researching the university too and am interested in learning more about their Social Welfare program. Campus tours are given everyday at Berkeley - 10am on weekdays. I had it all planned, I'd get up and go. Here I was, moving on. Boxes be gone. Laundry can't hold me back. Then, Cam, who had been supporting me in my plan, sent me an instant message saying someone in his office just handed him two tickets to the San Francisco Giant's game.

Normally, I couldn't care less about baseball but I knew Cam would want to go and since we don't know anyone in the area yet who could go in my place, and I hadn't seen the stadium yet and since he said they are known for having excellent garlic fries, I said, of course I'd be glad to come.

Today, I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the city by myself for the first time in five years. It was nice that things still seemed familiar. I found the AT&T park and parking with no trouble and time to spare. I wandered around a bit then met Cam near his office to walk together to the game. We had lots of fun talking and laughing all the way to the park and enjoyed walking around once we arrived a lot too. The garlic fries were as good as we had heard, the seats were awesome, (thanks, Ben) and the stadium was just lots of fun.
Outside, there were statues of Willie Mays and various quotes about baseball from different people and perspectives. Inside, they had a place where tiny kids could try to hit a ball and kids Sam's size could slide down mongo, cool slides. The music was fun and the view can not be beaten.

If you have to watch a baseball game, why not watch one with a view of the glistening San Francisco Bay and the setting sun? One of my favorite parts was watching the guys work the dirt. We were just sitting there talking and laughing and waiting for something to happen when all of a sudden, this guy started throwing dirt by the shovel-full. It looked like a blast. I decided I wanted that guy's job. Then he and another guy were out there with these cool towing rakes, smoothing it out. Finally, they sprayed it down. I know they were spraying people on purpose. When they were done with the dirt and the chalk, the field was beautiful. I'm not sure I've ever paid that much attention to the manicuring before and I'm not sure why it was so fascinating tonight except that I am a dork. Or maybe that I am a newlywed in love, sitting with my sweet-heart in the city of my dreams and that makes everything look wonderful?

Tonight turned out also to be law enforcement appreciation night at the ball park. They talked about the officers who have died while protecting us and had family members of who had lost loved ones on the field. It was heavy. One man was visibly crying. The National Anthem was sung by a law enforcement office named D'Arcy. His singing was audibly Irish. I enjoyed it very much and do appreciate those who work to ensure our safety.

I loved the video promos they had during player introduction. And you'll never guess what else I enjoyed, the baseball. Someone Giant hit a grand-slam with the bases loaded and I remember one especially impressive catch. I'm sure I missed a lot. Cam talked about how the other guys not hitting is impressive but I almost always root for the offense if I don't have a team allegiance. I want everyone to do well and while a good defense may be more interesting to people who are into sports, I am not one of those people. But I did have fun and think I could become a Giant's fan. I need a new sweatshirt anyway...

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