Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Aplastic Anemia?

About noon, on Sunday, we got this treat from my hematologist, "The bone marrow biopsy appears to show Aplastic Anemia, but the results are not final."

We decided, rather than freaking out about it, we'd follow his directive to, "Have a great Halloween!"
Yesterday, he clarified that while I do have low red blood cell & platelet levels, they aren't scary low, the way my Neutrophil counts have been. The concern is that whatever has been keeping my Neutrophil counts low might be starting to impact my RBCs & Platelets too.

My doctor's never treated anyone with Aplastic Anemia & wants me to be treated by someone who has dealt with it before.

Today, I've been on the phone w/Stanford & UCSF. We're working on coming up with a plan.
Cam found this great, short video that does a good job explaining Aplastic Anemia, my new bad "A" words.

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