Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you have a facebook?

Hi Everyone,
If you are reading this, thanks for caring enough to come to my blog. I have come to realize that one of the main reasons I was blogging was to share things with people I care about who care about me. Thank you for being one of those people.

These days, rather than writing lengthy stories about our new adventures (after living here for nearly 3 years, many of them are repeat adventures), I have been enjoying sharing shorter one-liner stories with others who are sharing their one-line stories with me via Facebook. It is where I have been sharing photos, music and links to things I find interesting too.

I know I've written about my Facebook leanings before and apologize if I am being redundant. For awhile, I tried posting the things I was posting on Facebook on the blog too but that really was redundant.

The blog has been a wonderful online journal and virtual photo album. I wish I were keeping it up but I thought I should acknowledge I'm not. Today, I even signed up for Twitter. So far, I am only "following" Cameron and Eddie Izzard but who knows where this will lead.

If you want to join me in one of those other worlds, please do.



Maddy said...

Yup there's always different calls that we just have to go with the flow.

I think I'm going to try and track down Eddie Izzard on Twitter!

Pickledeel said...

Tricky isn't it, keeping all those things going. Glad I found you on Facebook. I am attempting to keep everything tied together - FB, Blog and Twitter. Will drive me crazy I am sure!

marymaddux6272 said...

These days, I have trouble even remembering my sign-in info for the blog (although I'm thinking of posting about my recent trek through Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas & Missouri.) Thank you for taking us along on your fabulous journeys. I felt like I was flying down those dusty back roads with you, helping Miss Betty with her chores and smiling at the dogs.