Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ariel's Back - Meet Jac

For about nine months, from early December of '06 to early September of '07, my cousin Ariel tried out the idea of living and working in the Bay Area. She overcame struggles and achieved successes. We had lots of fun exploring and spending time with her.

However, last fall, she decided to return to the Midwest to reconnect with family and friends there. Then, she went back to Orlando to take a few classes. There, she met Jac. The two of them conspired to try living and working out here when he finished his program.

They arrived in August. Sam and I had dinner with them once before they headed down to the Monterrey Bay area to work for a couple of weeks.

The weekend before last, on the 23rd, Cam joined us and we all took a hike to Tennessee Valley Beach. It was a lovely day and great fun being with them. We're glad they are here. Here are more photos of our hike.

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