Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thanks for all the gifts.

Twice recently, I said we didn't need gifts.

While I stand by those state-
ments, I also want to genuinely thank you everyone who gave gifts.

Check out the new Flickr set to see how much fun we had opening some of them on December 26th.

When my Dad was here for Thanksgiving, he brought his very nice camera and offered to give it to me to replace the one I dumped in the ocean.

Digital photography has many advantages over film but I still miss the non-digital SLR I bought when Sam was three and we moved to St. Louis. Before it stopped working, shortly after we moved to Chicago, it allowed me take pictures I felt were remarkable. We may invest in a digital SLR someday but until then, I appreciate having another nice camera to use. Thanks, Dad.

Thanks to everyone who sent monetary gifts and holiday greetings. Happy New Year.

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